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Miscellaneous Potpourri Page

Businesses We Admire

Following are people and businesses with whom we have consistently been provided outstanding service and products.    

Copies and Printing Services:  Superfast Copy in Auburn, CA.  Outstanding service and great reproduction work.

Mediator:  For mediation services in Northern California, contact Claudia Wrazel, Certified Mediator at Wrazel Mediation in Sacramento, California. Phone: (916) 492-9050;  Web:

Free or Inexpensive Software Utilities

Following are PC based software utilities we have used and enjoyed for years. They are easy to use and quick to load. If you find a freeware utility of value, please consider making a donation to the software developer. Disclaimer: Software titles are referenced here without warranty and you, the user, assume the sole risk of installing and using them on your computer.  

File & Folder Renaming:  Renamer is a powerful batch renaming tool with easy to navigate commands. A principal feature over other file renaming utilities is the ability to rename folders.  By Denis Kozlov

Create PDF files:  PDF995 converts any file to .pdf format by way of “printing” the document. The PDF995 print driver has proven reliable for us in creating PDF files of word docs, spreadsheets, photos and even CAD drawings. PDF995 can be used free of charge with a re-occurring message to buy the software each time you use it. Or, for $9.95 you can buy a key which disables the message. To perform tasks on PDF files such as to extract pages, combine PDF files, add watermarks, use the related PDFEdit utility. The developer has a host of additional software utilities , some of which are free and without advert. Omniformat, a file conversion utility, is one such additional software we use.

Graphics Viewer:  XnView is a freeware graphics or image viewer with batch renaming and batch file conversion ability. It has some image enhancement features, though its primary use is for viewing, organizing and converting image files (be sure to download the n-covert feature).

Screen Capture:  PrintKey 2000 (v. 5.1) replaces and enhances the screen capture in Windows. You can capture the entire screen or just a portion to print or save as a graphics file.  PrintKey 2000 is older software and while still available for download as freeware, it is no longer supported by the developer. Alternatively, Printkey-Pro (which we’ve not used) is available for a nominal cost.

Malware Protection:  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware provides malware (adware) protection for your computer. For the freeware version you need to update your definitions manually or for a one-time fee of $24.95 you can purchase the full version which updates your definitions automatically. Reviews rate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware superior to malware protection from Norton, McAfee, etc.